Of the Cartagena Protocol

cartagena protocol
The Cartagena Protocol on Biotechnology safety is an international agreement that seeks to ensure the handling, transport and safe use of living modified organisms resulting from the application of modern technology and can have adverse effects on biodiversity. The protocol was adopted in January 2000 and entered into force in September 2003. It currently has 169 countries party. Mexico signed this protocol on May 24th, 2000 and ratified it on August 27th, 2002.

The Conference of the Parties that works as the Meeting of the Parties for the Cartagena Protocol (COP-MOP) is the most important instance for decision-making concerning the Protocol.

To date there have been seven meetings of the COP-MOP of the Cartagena Protocol. The next meeting (COP-MOP 8) will be held in Cancun, from 4 to 17 December 2016, parallel to the COP 13 of CBD.