What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity refers to living organisms (species) that inhabit our planet, diversity within species (genes) and ecosystems of which they are part. It also includes the ecological and evolutionary processes that keep species and ecosystems.
La biodiversidad tiene una estrecha relación con el bienestar humano mediante los bienes y servicios que provee
All living beings are related to each other, life as a whole depends on biodiversity. Biodiversity has a close relationship with human welfare through the goods and services it provides, such as oxygen, water, food, medicines, fibers, raw materials, protection from pests and diseases, among others.

Mexican biodiversity

Mexico is one of three mega-diverse countries with coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific. Its location, difficult terrain, climate and evolutionary history have resulted in rich environments, flora and fauna that place us among the top five places in the world. This great natural diversity has given us and offers many opportunities for development and in turn gives us a great responsibility as custodians of nature.
México forma parte del grupo de países que poseen la mayor cantidad de diversidad
Mexico is considered a mega-diverse country and part of the small group of countries with the greatest amount of diversity of animals and plants which together account for 70% of global species diversity.
México tiene al menos el 10% de la biodiversidad a nivel mundial
Our country is home to nearly 10% of the species recorded in the world.
México es el cuarto país más diverso en lo cuanto a riqueza de especies
It is the fourth country most diverse in terms of species richness, and besides is identified for combining a biological diversity with a rich culture.
En el territorio mexicano se presentan casi todos los climas del planeta
In the Mexican territory almost all climates of the planet are presented, which, combined with a rugged topography and complex geology, allows in just less than 2 million square kilometers, that virtually all existing terrestrial ecosystems on the planet are developed.
México cuenta con  un mar territorial que se estima en 231,813 kilómetros cuadrados
It also has 11,000 km of coastline and territorial waters estimated at 231,813 square kilometers.. The resulting marine diversity is enhanced with an exclusive sea, the Gulf of California, with great biological diversity and high marine productivity.
Una gran parte de la biodiversidad de México es exclusiva del país
Much of Mexico’s biodiversity is unique to the country (endemic) which represents a potential for development of the country, while a great responsibility to Mexican society and the world the world in general.