Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

The Puerto Morelos´ Reef is part of the barrier reef called “Great Belt West Atlantic Reef” considered as the world’s second largest barrier reef, also, this section of the barrier, located in front of Puerto Morelos, extends to the West Coast of the National Park Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.


Puerto Morelos is a calm village located just 35 km from Cancun. Its bohemian and peaceful atmosphere attracts people from around the world, many of which have decided to make it their home.

The coast is part of the Marine National Park, which makes it ideal for diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Adventure lovers need to look no further, because abundant ecotourism excursions are offered. You can arrange tours to travel quadbikes or mountain bikes, explore the sinkholes (cenotes) and know the local wildlife.

Tour Itinerary

Objective: To know the management that are carried out in the Arrecife National Park of Puerto Morelos. Management of sea turtles, sargasso, tourism, reef restoration, control of exotic species (lion fish). CONANP – Hosts – Moon Palace – Friends of Isla Contoy – CICI – Fishing Cooperative – Municipality – CRIP – UNAM – ECOSUR

  • 9:00 Hotel Moon Palace staff demonstrates the management of sargasso and turtle (nursery).
  • 10:00 Boat trip to visit the reef and tourist sites. You will know the impacted areas, the restored sites and the sites without intervention (Tanchacte, Bocana, Radio Pirata)
  • 12:30 Tour at the Puerto Morelos boardwalk, Window to the Sea to know the pilot program of sargasso, lion fish handling, lobster fishery, family vegetable garden and botanical garden.
  • 13:30 Return to Moon Palace by bus